Power of Attorney Template

A power of attorney (POA) is a written document intended to legally enable a person to represent somebody else in financial, medical/health-care, or other related matters. Usually, a POA is made when it is anticipated that a person would not be physically present to attend to his/her own matters, or in the event that he/she gets incapacitated, and so is unable to act in said matters.

A person who wishes to grant such an authority to another is called the principal, and the person to whom it is granted is called the attorney-in-fact (or agent). The laws regarding what should be included in a power of attorney are not uniform across all states. Some states require that the document be signed by one or two witnesses, notarized, and filed in the local probate court. Some require either only witnesses or only notarization. In some states, only a written document is sufficient to grant a power of attorney. There are a few states where the laws are very elaborate, and a lot more goes into getting a power of attorney granted than in most states.

If a person, due to some reason, loses the ability to handle his/her own affairs, then

Tips to Represent Yourself in a Small Claims Court

Under most state rules in the United States, lawyers are not allowed in a small claims court. However, if you are suing or are being sued by an attorney, then you could request to be represented by a lawyer as well. Nevertheless, in most cases, a small claims settlement is done directly in front of a magistrate without lawyers present. This is not such a big deal and you can make the most of self-representation by being prepared and honestly putting forth your own case.

What is a Small Claims Court

The “Small Claims Court” is a part of a state’s court system that typically hears civil cases between private litigants, where the claimant tries to resolve a monetary dispute where the amount of money does not exceed $5000 (this limit may slightly vary from state to state). The aim of such a court is to provide an inexpensive and quick platform to resolve small claims without the litigants having to go through any complex legal procedures and without engaging the services of lawyers.

General List of Claims Filed in a Small Claims Court

Given below is a list of typical claims filed in a small claims court. Remember that the money

Falsified Evidence Ideas

unduhan-20Falsification of the evidence is not something new. The world has witnessed several cases, where the so-called criminals were acquitted after years of captivity. What went wrong? Why did they have to experience the angst and agony of imprisonment? Who is to blame for their plight? What delayed their extrication? Most of the time, in such cases, justice was delayed due to falsified evidence!

What is Falsified Evidence?
Any information which is fabricated or procured by illegal means, in order to divert the course of an impending verdict, can be termed as falsified evidence. Such evidence is not only used by a criminal for his acquittal, but it is sometimes used to frame an innocent person.

Who Falsifies Evidence?
It is obvious that evidence is falsified by the criminals to avoid imprisonment, but they are not the only ones who manipulate evidences. The adversarial trial system involves 2 parties, the prosecution and the defense, either of them can falsify the evidence to gain a verdict in their favor. The influence of the police cannot be mitigated if the evidence is fudged.

Why is Evidence Falsified?
As I mentioned earlier, false evidence is used

Tips to Make a Citizen’s Arrest

unduhan-22Taking the law into your own hands is a dangerous and often an extreme form of justice. If there are no rules or regulations to govern you, then you can act without thinking and allow your emotions to control you. But in times of crisis and if there are no law enforcement agents around to stop a crime in progress, what can one do? Say a lady has been mugged and the thief is getting away. Or a possible suspect of a crime is trying his/her best to flee the scene. Should you stand by quietly and allow the criminal to escape, without a word of protest? Rather than let a criminal escape freely, one can, at this point, perform a citizen’s arrest.

What is a Citizen’s Arrest?

A citizen’s arrest is a law allowing a civilian or an average citizen, with no background in law enforcement, to act as a proxy police officer and stop a criminal. This law does not make the civilian, a honoree officer but rather gives him/her the right to apprehend, stop and transport the criminal to a law enforcement agency or at least confine him/her, until

Tips to Becoming an Expert Witness

An expert witness is a person who has extraordinary and specialized knowledge of his concerned subject as compared to the intellect of an average person. The testimony of this expert is highly valued in the court of law. The duty of an expert witness comes with great responsibility as his/her opinions play a decisive role in deciding the outcome of the case. For this, he/she needs to be unbiased in his/her research and opinions. He can testify either for the prosecution or for the defense parties. In many cases, both the parties use the services of an expert witness making the case complicated and sometimes also controversial. Do you want to become one? Read through the FAQs given below for a detailed information.

Where is an Expert Witness Required?
An expert witness is required to confirm the authenticity of an opinion or event, concerning law. This can be confirming severity of the injury of victim, cause of accident, and many other events. The expert has to carry out a thorough research for finding the truth and then he/she documents and presents the facts before the jury. His/her opinions and findings play a decisive role in judging the outcome of

Ways to File a Formal Complaint Against a Business

Before you register a complaint against a company, which you think has scammed you and sold you some bogus purchase, talk to the business authorities and request for the refund of the item that you purchased. Also, tell them that, you will pass on your experience (good or bad), to the concerned authorities. If the business group doesn’t comply with your request for a refund, then go the organization, recommended by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Requirements Before Lodging a Complaint

  • Conversational records
  • Receipt of the product you purchased
  • Copy of the letter that you sent to the firm that scammed you
  • Complete information about the business

Filing a Complaint

Federal Trade Commission is United States government agency, which promotes consumer protection by taking measures against fraud and deception. established in 1914 by the Federal Trade Commission Act. Jon Leibowitz is the current chairman of the FTC agency. FTC keeps track on the scams and scammers, with the help of the following authorities. It also warns the public about the latest scams. Federal Trade Commission recommends the following organizations to file your complaint.

Attorney General’s Office
Depending on the state you belong to, you need to contact the Attorney General’s office through